Product Launch: launching a new product for a selected target.

Meridiem Seeds is the italian division of a Spanish firm producing seeds for agriculture in various Mediterranean countries, amongst which Italy.

We have been chosen to test the efficiency of a non-stereotyped kind of communication in the field of agriculture. It’s definitely a challenge: creating a campaign launch for tomato seeds in a short amount, in time for their cultivation and in spite of Covid-19. Media planning and timing on hand, we have created posters, banners on sector related newspapers, social adverts. On social networks we have obtained an extremely high engagement, interest and numerous interactions about technical contents. The engagement rate of the Instagram page has reached over 24%.

We also created a new website specifically directed to the presentation of tomato seeds, and inaugurated an activity of content creation for the blog and email marketing that has brought +50% website visits during the days newsletters were sent.


We focused on and took care of the identity image of the Semidoro product, in order to let it keep a tight connection with the Meridiem Seeds brand, also making sure it had its own strength and recognition. For the launch we have scheduled a media planning with online and offline promotion action, aiming especially to the creation of contents.

Icona advertising

Marketing plan, business plan and creativity: these are the promotion ingredients of the new Semidoro product line.

Icona Brand Identity

New product, new image: logo, website, poster campaigns, social graphic design, everything must be linked to the brand and together constitute the specific identity of the product.

Icona social media strategy

Strategy on hand, we have built the guidelines to create an editorial plan that the client will use themself. In order to give value to it, we have started an adv strategy campaign: from brand awareness to collecting contacts.

icone e-mail marketing

Planning and writing website news was necessary to position the website and create a perfect planning for all users that received our targeted newsletters.


What really surprised us about the Semidoro by Meridiem Seed project was the spontaneous involvement of the public who wasn’t used to finding technical related contents of their interest on social media. Many farmers have commented, asked questions, suggested themes that subsequently became the object of newsletters, blog articles and posts on social media that actually responded to the targeted clients’ need.

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