A brand continuously evolving

Molini Pivetti produces professional flours since 1875, offering a large range of flours for every specific need.

Aiming for an image restyling, we were asked to launch a Professional product line with a brand new packaging respecting its innovativity and research for excellence.

This is how our collaboration started and keeps going through the years, innovating various aspects of Brand Identity: from the packaging for the national and international commerce, to exhibition stands, from digital P.R. with influencers and instagrammers to national press office with a continuous consultancy about marketing choices for product launches.

In 2018 Molini Pivetti invested in the consumer market of great distribution, expanding its GDO range with the following flour lines: Every Day 1kg, Special Day 500 gr and Gran Riserva with a 750 g package and an organic 1kg one.

In 2020 Molini Pivetti inserts new 1kg sustainable flours in the framework of the project Campi Protetti Sostenibili. It also launched its e-commerce.


We started from the product image to think about the whole brand communication. We told Molini Pivetti’s story to the local press and to the national sector.
We addressed, differentiating the language and image, both the B2B professional market of flours and the consumer market, increasingly more alive and conscious.

Icona Brand Identity

Image restyling and positioning: in order to attract customers in the best exhibitions as well as in GDO stores, we created fresh and contemporary ad hoc illustrations.

Icona advertising

New product lines? We are ready with positioning and promoting strategies, with the best instruments possible, from exhibition stands, to editorials in food magazines.

Icona ufficio stampa

We care about the relationship between the brand and the press, bloggers, and influencers, because it assures authoritativeness.

Icona Foto e Video

How to make flour appealing? Let us and our photographers team think about it!


The surprise with Molini Pivetti arrived as we were drawing the new packaging illustrations: we were able to give a new appearance to a historical local firm, while holding onto tradition, we have given a strong visual identity to flour packs and transformed the classic B2B exhibition promotions into an opportunity to talk about the brand through social media. Especially during a problem of crisis, as in 2020.

Problem solving? Check.

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