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We have left a mark, a mark of change.


A countryside restaurant, a haute-cuisine project nearby the city. In 2019 we were challenged to restyle its image and finding a perfect balance within the chef’s philosophy: fun, childhood memories, a reference to the familiar culinary tradition of Emilia Romagna. The chosen communicative strategy and tone of voice have been unravelled on social media for almost a year, through coordinated graphic images and marketing positioning.


In the heart of Bologna, it is a fish-based restaurant that, during its 10th birthday in 2018, completely changed and renovated with the arrival of Sicilian chef Luca Giovanni Pappalardo: his kitchen valorizes #pescidiversi – diverse fish – fish that are too often forgotten, traditionally considered “poor”.

For this new adventure, we needed an impactful and accurate restyling: thanks to artist Marta Iorio’s contribution, who painted the inside walls, we have planned an interior design restyling, including the logo, the visual identity of the restaurant, and every tool, from the website to the menu. We then planned a yearly re-launch on social media and via the press.


A 100% organic well known restaurant in Rimini, opened in march 2018 a new restaurant in the centre of Bologna, in Via Galliera. A complex restaurant project, with more than 150 seats, chef Marco Bonardi and Pier Giorgio Parini’s creations served in a buffet-style, with high quality organic ingredients.

In order to promote this new opening, we have worked as insiders for more than 6 months: together with the clients and their marketing manager Pier Pierucci, we have studied the market in Bologna and created a new coordinated image inspired by botanical illustrations, both for in-store communication and social media campaign. We have brushed up our media planning competencies and realized all advertising instruments, until the social media and press media launch.


With restaurant projects we try to work like tailors do: creating tailor-made communication projects, contents and style. We always meet the staff, observe the customers, taste the food and talk with those who work in the kitchens. We always ask “How would your restaurant be, if it was a person?” We play and bring out the authentic personality of places made of people, ideas, meeting, memories. Each personality and each place need their coherent graphic imagine and tone of voice, and that’s what we strive to do.

Icona Interior Design

A whole new make up to the logo, the menu (the most important tool to sell available in restaurants!), the website and social communication. It’s so nice when they want us to make the walls and furniture pretty as well 🙂

Icona Social Media

Enough with food porn! Our social communication about restaurants it’s not just about good pictures, but about stories on how food, ideas, and hard-work are born. Videos work as well, let us make a video of you, chef!

Icona ufficio stampa

We have a food & wine selected press list, and we always suggest exclusive interviews, articles, press tours, masterclasses, and really anything else but boring press conferences. Let’s have fun!

Icona Foto e Video

Ok, no food porn, but no dark/out of focused/taken with old fashioned smartphones pictures either. The difference with photoshootings is clear and backstage videos make everyone curious.


We have curated so many restaurant projects that we couldn’t include them all in only one page. For every project, we have had multiple surprises, but what gives us major satisfaction is seeing our restaurant’s name on important food magazines.

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