Words and images that can change the narratives around a cultural problem.


is a communication campaign promoted by Senza Violenza on the 25th of November 2019. Senza Violenza is the first listening and helping center in Bologna for men that use domestic violence. We have used the symbol of the mirror and words spoken by those men who already seeked help at the center, without any stigma, to tell about their complex path of recognizing violence and looking for motivation for a deep change.


is a campaign launched on the 25th of November 2019 to enhance the engagement of the Bologna Metropolitan City in the realization of the Gender language protocol, a document that sets off the involvement of the Bologna Municipality, the Socio-sanitary metropolitan districts, trade unions, the University, the School Offices, the Order of journalists and Corecom in promoting a public communication that is respectful of gender issues, avoiding stereotypes and discrimination.


is a campaign launched on the 25th of November 2019 (and continued during the years after), promoted by the Anti-violence coordination centres in the framework of the project Women at the centre against violence. The campaign originated out of an innovative work method engaging a 7 focus groups made of 50 women experiencing and escaping gender violence through the aid of anti-violence centres in the region. It was them suggesting the most effective messages and the most suitable images to use through the campaign.


is a campaign to raise awareness against gender violence in women having relationships during their teenage years. It was created in 2016 in the framework of an educational project of Progetto Alice, involving hundreds of students of highschools in Bologna. They were the protagonists of photoshootings and they have collaborated to the creation of the campaign’s message, that have transformed through our work in a whatsapp chat, one of the platforms through which violence is perpetuated amongst teenagers.

wasn’t the first campaign against male violence on women that we have curated, but it’s certainly the first one that has obtained national media coverage, until obtaining an honorary plaque by the President of the Republic in 2014. For several years, this project has been included inside a bigger educational project inside schools.


We believe dialogue is a fundamental part of social campaigns, as it is crucial to identify with the protagonists’ subjectivity and seek their direct involvement, when possible. We don’t use victimizing images nor ambiguous or shaming messages. We avoid stereotypes both in visual and textual language, and we suggest empowered women’s imageries, while respecting all kinds of subjectivities. Is this sci-fi? We’re working to make it a reality.

Icona Consulenza

Message creation, visual design, copywriting, content creation. Many drafts to discard and only one that catches the eye.

Icona Graphic Design

Even the most effective image, without good visuals and weak colors, risks not being delivered to the public. The graphic design of a campaign is simply fundamental.


Avoiding stereotyped or victimizing images is essential and requires a highly developed photographic sensibility. We’re here to give directions and provide the most authentic representation we can.

Icona advertising

We put all our instruments out there, in order to make the social campaigns visible: press office, social media marketing, media planning, online events.


Working on social campaigns gives us each time the precious opportunity to reflect on what it means to make social communication. Who will be benefiting from it? Which words to use? Which images to avoid? Particularly, when we communicate gender violence, we have to give up all our certainties and provide support for women’s actual needs. This is why it is important to narrate about all kinds of gender violence, not only physical or sexual.

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