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In 2010 we weren’t sure what Berberè could have become. When we thought of that name, so unusual, so “not Italian”, we couldn’t ever imagine that we would have grown so much together with a brand and specialize in the field of food service.

Berberè was among the first in Italy to handle a popular and wide-spread meal like pizza as a true top quality product. It believed in its brand identity, in its brand reputation and awareness. This is why this pizzeria is so fun, outside the box, and in 10 years it grew up to become a solid net of pizzerias around Italy and London.

We have communicated every single aspect of Berberè: the people working there, the preparation of food, the selection of ingredients and why they are chosen, which messages to remember and which ones to forget. Its customers love colors, seasonal products, quality, art and the city. During these years, we have not only built a brand but also a community of pizza lovers that follow every story posted on instagram, partecipate, photograph, interact, while enjoying good food.


We have started from our baggage of retail marketing and brand identity; we have observed other restoration experiences in Italy and outside Italy; we have invented a personalized style based on art, graphics, design and product quality. But most importantly, we have always tried to have fun and enjoy our achievements.

Icona Consulenza

Oh, how many meetings and briefs have taken place to have everything under control! Analyzing, coordinating, advising and providing coherence: staying in focus of the big picture is an important part of our job.

Icona Brand Identity

Drafts, launches, changes, restylings and maintenance: Berberè’s brand identity has grown alongside its menu, the restaurant’s interior design, websites, flyers…and also a magazine!

Icona ufficio stampa

We made sure this project was successfully communicated through every kind of magazine, food, lifestyle and regular ones. Reputation and brand awareness are built through journalistic recognition as well.

Icona Social Media

We have never spent one cent on traditional media. Berberè’s community is alive as sourdough and we take care of it through digital strategies, editorial plans, contents and ads.


It is amazing and surprising to us to always be able to share ideas and creative inputs with our clients, while having proficuous conversations (and discussions) with them. After many years of working together, we still manage to stimulate each other about new tendencies, or to freely experiment and stress each other in order to bring out the best.

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